Affiliate/External Gift Purchase

Purchasing gifts from an external registry or website

At Joy, we take pride in being your favorite universal registry. And while we love it when registrants choose us to deliver joy, we totally understand wanting to use your favorite retailers, too.

That’s why Joy allows registrants to add or remove external registries and products anytime, for free! Okay, so what’s the difference between a gift Fulfilled by Joy and a gift added from elsewhere, say Amazon or Target?

Purchasing a gift Fulfilled by Joy

  • Gift-givers purchase directly from the Joy Shop; all tracking information and emails automatically go to the registrant, and there is no redirect to other websites.
  • Gift-givers can choose to ship to the registrant’s address or to another U.S. address.
  • Gift-givers receive full support from Joy’s customer service team at no cost.
  • Registrants can easily track their gifts directly from Joy’s registry page and automatically send Thank-You cards to their gift-givers.
  • Registrants can choose when they want their gifts to ship to their address using Joy’s Delay Shipping feature.

Purchasing a gift added from another website

  • Gift-givers are redirected to the item on the external website.
  • Tracking is NOT automatically updated, and gift-givers may need to return to Joy to add the order and tracking number for their purchase.
  • Gift-givers and registrants cannot receive support from Joy’s team and must contact the website from which the gift was purchased.
  • Items purchased outside Joy may contain additional shipping costs or fees and do not qualify for Joy’s shipping and return policies.

To learn more about adding external products, check out our other help article here.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on April 2, 2024

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