It Says My Name Wasn’t Found on the Guest List. What Should I Do?

Some couples choose to set up their websites in a way that require guests to enter their names on the website, before they can view certain details on their website.

So if you received a message that your name wasn’t found on the guest list when you entered your name into the “Find My Invite” form on a couple’s website, this could be happening for a couple reasons. A) Maybe there is a typo in your name on the couple’s guest list that needs to be fixed or, B) you might be entering your name differently than what the couple has listed on their guest list, (for example Mary vs Mary Anne).

If that’s the case, there are couple of things you can do to fix this:

  1. You should refer back to the invite or save the date that the couple sent you, to see exactly how they addressed your name. You should match your name with the way they addressed it, because that most likely means that your name is listed on the guest list the same way. (For example, if you are addressed as “Michael Scott” on the invite or save the date, then you should enter it the same way on the “Find My Invite” form versus using a nickname like “Mike Scott”). 

2. If you have confirmed your name as it appears on the invite or save the date and re-entered it into the form, and it still says your name couldn’t be found on the guest list, then you can click on “view public version of this website instead,” in the meantime.

3. The next step would be to contact the couple directly. The couple will automatically receive an email stating that you tried to enter your name on their website, and that the website could not match your name entry with the guest list. However, you can also follow up with the couple to let them know your name hasn’t been found on the guest list, and ask them how they have your name listed on the guest list.

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Updated on November 24, 2022

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