How Do I Write a Message in the Couple’s Virtual Guestbook?

If you want to share a congratulatory note, well wishes, marital advice, or memory with the happy couple, Joy makes it easy. It all happens in the virtual guestbook, which you can find within the couple’s Joy wedding app. This is where you can write a sweet sentiment, and where the couple can read their messages from you and other guests for years to come.

Beyond messages, guests can even upload photos to the virtual guestbook. This is especially useful if the couple is having a live-streamed wedding, and you want to add a selfie to the guestbook as you watch their live stream — just to share fun memories.

At this time, you can only add notes or photos to the couple’s virtual guestbook through Joy’s mobile app. So to get in on the fun and share well wishes with the couple, be sure to download the app!

A step-by-step guide to writing a note (or posting a photo) in the couple’s virtual guestbook

1. Download and open the Joy app. If you’ve already joined the couple’s event, you can simply select that event. If you haven’t joined the couple’s event, click on the search icon (magnifying glass) to enter the couple’s event handle. The event handle is the last part of the couple’s Joy URL. If the couple’s URL is, their event handle is amyplusdave.

2. After successfully joining the event, you’ll see the couple’s app home feed open first. Scroll to where you see the ‘Moments’ card and tap on the option to ‘Share a message or photo in our guest book.” On the next page, tap the plus sign:

3. Three options will appear at the bottom of the screen: ‘Use Camera,’ ‘Pick Photo,’ and ‘Post Message.’If you click on the ‘Use Camera’ option, you’ll need to grant the app access to your camera so you can take a photo and add it to the event. If you click on ‘Pick Photo,’ you can add a photo from your photo gallery to the event. If you click on ‘Post Message,’ you can add a written message to the couple. You will then need to click on “Post Moment” to save the moment:

4. Once moments (photos and written messages) are posted via the app, you and the couple can view them from the ‘Moments’ page by tapping on the ‘image’ icon at the bottom of the screen. You’ll then see a nice arrangement of photos and written messages:

5. You can also see these photos and messages from the ‘Moments’ page of the couple’s wedding website, under the ‘Event Photos’ tab:

Know that the sweet sentiments you share with the happy couple will live on for years to come, serving as a virtual guestbook they can always enjoy and look back on fondly.

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Updated on November 19, 2022

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