How Do I Write a Message in the Couple’s Virtual Guestbook?

Ready to give the newlyweds a digital hug, a virtual high-five, or a good ol’ hearty laugh? Joy’s got the perfect spot for it—the virtual guestbook, where you can pen down a funny note or sprinkle in some snapshots. Why not add a selfie to the guestbook as you toast to their happiness?

Quick heads-up, for now, you can only drop your notes or photos into the couple’s virtual guestbook through Joy’s mobile app. Hop on the app train to join the party!

Let’s dive in!

Easy-Peasy, Lemon Squeezy Guide

  • Download and open the Joy app and create an account.
  • Click “Find Event” and enter the names of the couple or their event handle. The event handle is the last part of the couple’s Joy URL. For example, if their URL is, their event handle is amyplusdave.
  • Depending on their settings, you may also be prompted for a password.
  • Scroll down until you spot the ‘Moments’ card. Click ‘Share a message or photo in our guestbook.’ Ready? Tap the plus sign.

Three options will appear at the bottom of the screen: ‘Use Camera,’ ‘Pick Photo,’ and ‘Post Message.’

  • For the camera lovers, ‘Use Camera’ gets you snapping. ‘
  • Pick Photo’ lets you choose a gem from your photo stash. I
  • If words are your superpower, hit ‘Post Message’ to type your heart out. And of course, don’t forget to seal the deal by clicking ‘Post Moment.’

Once you and the gang start sharing moments (photos and messages) through the app, you can all kick back and enjoy the show. Just tap the ‘image’ icon at the bottom of the screen to explore the photos and messages.

You can also view the photos on the desktop version of the site. Head over to the couple’s wedding website and check out the ‘Event Photos’ tab on the ‘Moments’ page.

So go on, make your mark in the digital guest book, and leave the couple wondering how they ever lived without your hilarious selfies and heartfelt advice!

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Updated on September 16, 2023

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