I Tried to Give a Gift and Was Redirected to Another Website. Why Did This Happen?

When a couple creates a honeymoon, cash fund, or charity fund, they have the option to connect it to their cash sharing account of choice. We will send guests to their account so that you can send your gift to the couple directly.

Joy makes no money on these cash gifts, nor are you or the couple charged any fees.

After you click ‘Add to Cart & Reserve’ you’ll see a shopping cart open on the right panel showing your contribution amount and payment method. Depending on the payment method you’ve selected you’ll see a button that says ‘Send with Cash/Check’ or ‘Send with Venmo/CashApp/Paypal.’

Once you click on the ‘Send Gift with Venmo/CashApp/PayPal’ on the next page you’ll be sent to PayPal or CashApp to make the contribution. If the couple added their Venmo info, you’ll need to open the Venmo app on your mobile device to make the contribution.

If you’ve changed your mind, and no longer want to give this gift, be sure to click “Cancel Reservation” from the confirmation screen, so that we unreserve the gift and don’t tell the couple you got this for them!

After you’ve completed the contribution through the linked payment platform, go back to your previous tab to let the couple know you sent your gift.

Please Note: Joy is not affiliated with PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App and we do not have internal specifics on their policies. For further details on international accounts, currency exchange fees and general information, please click here for PayPal, here for Venmo, and here for Cash App.

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Updated on October 26, 2022

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