Do I Need to Create an Account to View the Site or RSVP?

As a guest, you are not required to create an account to view the website or RSVP. You can access Joy websites and RSVP to the event as long as you have the event handle for the event, and the event password, (if the couple or host has enabled a password for the site).

The event handle is the end of the website’s URL, for example, amyplusdave, which would appear in the URL as

If the couple or event host has set their website or RSVP to private, then you will need to enter the event password to access all the details and pages, and/or to RSVP:

The event handle and password for the event can be found on your invitations that the couple sent to you via Joy as eCards, or on the printed invites that the couple sent in the mail. Sometimes a couple or event host may send you a text message or social media message with their Joy website/app info, it just depends on their preference.

(Please note, if you want to access a Joy wedding or event on the mobile app, then you will be required to create an account which you can do when you download the app). 

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Updated on December 19, 2022

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