Tip: Deleting RSVP Responses From Your Guest List

Under special circumstances, we understand why you might want to be able to easily remove all of your guest’s RSVP responses from the guest list in one go, while keeping the names and groups of guests on your guest list untouched. While we don’t have a specific feature for this, (other than manually removing each guests’ response from the guest list individually), we do have an easy workaround that will help.

Here’s a couple steps to help you complete that process:

– Export your guest list as a CSV file (by clicking on “Export All Guests” on the guest list)
– Delete all guests from your Joy guest list by selecting all of your guests, and then click on “Delete Guests”
– Import the CSV that was exported in step 1

Please keep in mind this process will delete everything from the guest list except first & last name, email address, and the guest’s “party” grouping, (for example, this will delete tags, phone numbers, mailing addresses, dietary restrictions and all the other responses from your guests).

Still have some questions?

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Updated on November 3, 2022

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