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Inside Joy, there are a couple of edits that you can make to your photos, before you upload them to your Photos page, and then assign them as cover photos on your website and app. (Again, these edits have to be made before uploading the photo, not after it’s been uploaded, or you’ll have to go back and edit the photo before uploading it again). This includes cropping, rotating, and making the image into a circle. Here’s a few quick instructions on how to make these edits!

First, head over to your Photos page from your admin dashboard. Once you’re there, you will see the “+ Add Photos” button on the page, which you should click on in order to add photos to your website:

If you haven’t uploaded any photos to your Photos page yet, then your page will look like this initially, and you should click on “+ Add Photos” in order choose the photo you want to edit and upload:

From here, a box will open up, and you’ll see the options to upload photos from various sources, like from your device, from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, etc, etc. (You can even upload photos from Unsplash — learn more about that option here!)

Once you have selected the images you want to upload from the source of your choice, this box will appear before you actually upload the photos to Joy:

If you want to edit the photo, simply click on the “Edit” button to the right of the image to edit, (or click on the “X” to remove the image), and then you’ll see the three options to crop, circle or rotate your image. (“Circle” means the image will be cropped into a circle):

For each of your desired changes, be sure to click on “Save” to keep your changes. (You can also click on “Reset” if you want to reset the photo back to the original version). Once you’ve saved your changes, you can use another editing tool, or you can click “Done” if you are done editing.

You’ll be brought back to the box where you can preview the image(s) you are about to upload, revert images back to the original state (if you don’t want to keep the changes that you made to them), remove any photos that you don’t want, or upload more photos. When you are ready to upload the selected photos, simply click the “Upload” button and your photos will start uploading to your Photos page!

And that’s pretty much it! Once your new images are uploaded you can assign them to be the page photo(s) for any of the pages on your site. And of course, if you feel you want to make further edits to an image that has already been uploaded, you will just need to go through the process of uploading it again, so that you can make the additional edits to it before uploading.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on December 23, 2022

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