Merge Duplicate Guests

We built merging to allow users to clean up their guest list if their guests responds with a different name than you have entered on the guest list. Let’s say you have someone named Michael on your guest list, but they respond with the name Mike instead. The system won’t recognize Mike as Michael and will create a duplicate guest. When this happens, you’ll want to merge the two entries.

How to Merge Duplicates?

Select the two duplicates and then click Merge Duplicates on the Guest List Tool Bar. To note, if both duplicate entries are grouped in a party, you will need to ungroup one party before merging the duplicates. To ungroup, select the guest who is not the head of household (the first person listed in the group), then click on ‘Remove from Party.’ Once one of the parties is ungrouped, you can merge the duplicate entries.

Why do I need to merge guests?

If you sent eCards/emails through the site and want to retain the tracking information for those sent eCards/emails, you’ll want to merge your guests.

When should I delete guests?

Don’t—if you can help it. When in doubt, merge. If you do delete an entry for someone you sent an eCard/email to, you will lose the tracking information. See Remove Individuals From Your Guest List for more.

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Updated on November 22, 2022

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