Are My Invites the Same as the RSVP?

With multiple, handy features that enable you to invite guests to your event, it’s easy to assume Joy’s eCards are synonymous with the RSVP. Although they are related, they’re entirely separate systems. Functionally speaking, eCards act as a channel that allows guests to access the RSVP for your event with the click of a button.

Invitation eCards also help you share basic details about your event — like the date, place, and a brief greeting message — in an attractive, thematic way.

Invitation eCard:

How are eCards (and paper invites) tied to the RSVP on my Joy website?

We designed Joy’s eCard and RSVP systems to give you flexibility as you plan your event. Although they are connected and work in tandem, remember they are not dependent on one another.

eCards (and paper invites) are tied to the RSVP on your Joy website in one way: They simply provide a method for guests to access the RSVP. As such, you don’t need to use eCards (or paper invites) to get guests to RSVP to your event — it’s merely an option.

(Note: If you wish, you can also share your website URL with guests via text or email. They can then RSVP directly from your website, with no e-cards or paper invites involved.)

  • If you choose to send paper invites, guests would enter your website URL into their browser to access the RSVP form (located from the RSVP Here button on your website).
  • If you choose to send eCards, guests would click on the RSVP Now button on the e-card to access the RSVP form directly. Alternatively, guests can click on the View Website button from the eCard to get redirected to your website. They would then navigate to the RSVP Here button, located on your website, to find their personalized RSVP form.

‘RSVP Here’ button on wedding website (guest view):

Tip: In the event you want guests to RSVP again, or if a guest needs to update their response(s) on the RSVP, you don’t need to send another invite. Guests can simply go back to the RSVP link from the original eCard you sent (or go back to your website) if they need to change something.

Although Joy’s e-cards and RSVP are entirely separate systems, with distinct purposes, you’ll see they’re quite complementary to one another. Wherever you are in planning your event, we hope the flexibility of our e-card and RSVP systems prove fruitful.

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Updated on November 19, 2022

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