Do I Need to Enter My Guests’ Email Addresses Into the Guest List if I Want Them to RSVP Online?

The short answer is no.

As you populate your Guest List with your guests’ first and last names, Joy does not expect or require you to add their email addresses before collecting online RSVPs.

Note: If you’re sending email invites through Joy specifically, you do need to add email addresses into the Guest List so your guests can receive the invite in their inbox. But in other cases where you’re not sending email invites through Joy, you don’t need to add the email addresses into the Guest List.

Let’s say you know the email addresses, but you don’t want to spend time adding them. Or maybe you don’t know the email addresses, but you’d rather not have to call or text anyone to acquire them. Whatever the case, both routes can feel tedious.

That’s why we designed Joy to automatically populate some guest information for you. When a guest goes to RSVP, they’re required to add their first name, last name, and email address on the RSVP form. From there, when they submit their RSVP, the system matches them up with the first and last name you entered on the Guest List — and the email address will automatically populate on your Guest List once they enter it.

What if I have guests with the same name?

In the event you have guests with the same name, you should add those guests to your Guest List along with their respective email addresses. That way, when they submit their RSVP, the guests will be matched up correctly on the Guest List. This is because the system can now differentiate the guests — not by their names but by their different email addresses.

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Updated on November 17, 2022

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