Customizing Your E-Card Theme

You are now able to select a different theme for your e-card than what you have selected for your website! This will give you some flexibility and variation in your e-card, website and mobile app presentation to guests.

What does this mean?

You can use one theme for your website, a different theme for your Save the Date, and another theme for your Invitations. Here’s an example below:

                   Website – Golden Haze
               Save the Date – Blue Acrylic Floral
                  Invitation – Creme

How does this work?

When you are creating a Save the Date or Invitation e-card, you will see the “Edit Theme” button.

When you select “Edit Theme” a drawer opens allowing you to edit the theme for your e-card. By default, the theme will automatically be the same as your chosen website theme or the previous Invitation or Save the Date you sent out. (But now you can independently change the e-card theme if you would like). 


You can live preview different themes, and choose “use my color” if the theme you selected has that option. If you select “use my color,” your wedding color will be used as the background color instead of the default colors for the theme.
When you are finished you should press “Done” to save your changes.
If you select “cancel” or click outside the “Edit Theme” drawer, then no changes to your e-card theme will be made.




What is the default theme when creating e-cards?
E-Card themes will default to the same theme as your website, but when you change your theme for your Save the Date, the next time you send a new Save the Date, the theme will default to the same theme as the last Save the Date you sent. 
What is the default for invitations after a different theme was used for save the dates?
Save the dates and Invitations are now separated. So if you update your theme for your Save the Dates to something different than your website, this does not affect the theme for your Invitations. The theme for your Invitations will still default to the same theme as your website, however, before you send the Invitations, you can update the theme for your Invitation to any theme of your choosing including the theme you already selected for your Save the Date.
What happens when we send out rounds of Save the Dates or invites?
Each draft/round of Save the Dates could theoretically have a different theme if you wish. Let’s say you send out 50 Save the Dates to group A with ‘Rustic Wreath’ as the theme. Two weeks later, you want to send Save the Dates to group B, 60 more guests. The Save the Date theme for round 2 will default to the last theme you used (Rustic Wreath), but if you decide to switch to ‘Elegant Eucalyptus’ you may choose to do so. If you choose to use a new theme for Group B,  the 60 guests in group B will get the new theme. Guests in group A who already received their Save the Dates earlier, will not be affected by this, and if they open their Save the Dates, they will still see the ‘Rustic Wreath’ theme. Each draft/version of Save the Dates can have its own respective theme, and changing it later does not affect already-sent cards.
Can you change the font on the e-cards?
Unfortunately, for right now, you cannot change the font or font color on the e-cards. By default, the font will be the same as the website, but if you choose a different theme, then the font/font color will change to the default font for that theme.
Can we use our website color on our e-cards?
Yes, some themes have a “Use My Color” checkbox option. This will use your website color for the background color of the e-card instead of the default background color of the theme. This color is selected in your website color settings. Please note again — this is only available in certain themes that allow for the “Use My Color” option.
Can the e-card “use my color” be different from the website “Use My Color”? 
No, this color will be the same as the one you selected for your website and cannot be changed independently for each e-card or be different from the color used for your website.
What happens if I edit my website color?
If you change your website color, it will also edit/update the background color for your e-cards if you have “Use My Color” selected for your e-card theme.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on June 30, 2022

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