Personalized E-Card Links for Guests

Do you want to personally text or email your guests links to their own personal e-cards? Whether you just want to add that personal touch or want to make sure your e-card lands in your friend’s personal inbox, you can do that with Joy.

The invitation e-card works the same way on the guest’s end – they get a direct and personal link to their invitation from you, open it up, and see your gorgeous wedding invite which lets them open up your website and/or allows them to RSVP directly.

To send a personalized e-card link, you will need to:

  • Open your Guest List page from your admin dashboard. From there, you can then click on the guest’s profile icon for the guest that you want to send the e-card link to, and then open their tracking tab as seen below:
  • Under the “Tracking” tab on your guest’s profile, you will see the personalized e-card link that you can copy to your clipboard by clicking on the “copy” icon, or by selecting the link manually. You can send the link to your guests via text message, personal email, or any other electronic communication method of your choice like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.
  • Once guests receive the link, they will be brought directly to their own personalized e-card link that is associated with their name on your guest list.

***REMEMBER – These links are personalized for each guest. Please be sure you do NOT share the same link with more than 1 guest!

There are several reasons you may want to send a personalized e-card link! For example, if you send 100 guest invitations, and then maybe three of your guests say they didn’t get the email, (maybe they missed it in their inbox or it was deleted accidentally), you can then send those three guests their own personalized e-card link to ensure their e-card invite gets to them directly and they don’t miss it.

Also, say you craft your e-card invite and send it out to 100 guests. Then you make some edits to the e-card and send out a second round of invites, or maybe you add some additional details for certain guests, but you want to send the original e-card to certain guests that may have missed it the first time. Without having to go back and re-edit the e-card back to its original form, you can just send the personalized e-card link and the guests will receive the original e-card you sent.

Additionally, you can always keep checking the “last email status” column on your guest list to see who hasn’t opened the e-card yet. For those that haven’t opened it yet, you can text or email them their personal e-card link with a message like, “Hey! I sent you an e-card invitation through email, but in case it got lost in your inbox, here is a direct link to your own e-card!”

  1. Again, don’t share the e-card link with anyone other than the guest you want to send it to, or someone else will be able to RSVP as the guest you selected!
  2. The e-card links are only available after you have already sent an e-card once. If you haven’t sent an e-card to a guest, then the link won’t be available yet.
  3. If you want to test the link, open it in a private browsing window to avoid being logged out.
  4. The personalized e-card links are only available for e-cards that were sent after August 9th, 2018.

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Updated on December 25, 2020

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