How Do I Ensure “Not Attending” Guests Won’t Be Asked Unnecessary RSVP Questions?

When your guest responds as “not attending” to your event, you typically won’t want to ask them questions about their meal choice, where they are going to stay, or anything irrelevant that they don’t need to answer, since they are not attending.

In order to set up your RSVP questions so that irrelevant questions are not asked to your guests that are not attending, you will need to set up additional questions as “follow-up questions” to the original attendance RSVP question. The follow-up questions will be dependent upon whether a guest is attending or not.

To set this up, you should follow these basic steps:

  • First, your main attendance RSVP question should ask all of your invited guests if they will be attending your event:
  • Now all of your following questions, (about meal choices, or whether guests need help with accommodation, or travel to the venue etc etc) that you want to ask only to guests that are attending, should be set as follow-up questions to the attendance question — they should not be “stand alone” questions. Learn more about how to set up follow-up questions here! 

    It should look like this on your RSVP page (note how the follow-up questions are below and connected to the main RSVP attendance question with a green line):
  • Again, you don’t want the questions after the RSVP attendance question to be disconnected from the main RSVP attendance question.

    If it looks like this, and the remaining RSVP questions are not follow-up questions, that means your “not attending” guests will still have to answer the rest of the questions:

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Updated on November 22, 2022

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