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Hold onto your hats, lovebirds! While we’re swooning over those gorgeous snapshots, let’s talk about the unsung hero – Joy’s Schedule. This is where the real action happens, the script of your day. From event names to timings, locations, and all the juicy deets, it’s your backstage pass.

Let’s get started. Tap ‘Edit Pages’ from the admin dashboard, then ‘Schedule.’ Welcome to the master schedule we’ve cooked up for you.

Deleting an event

If you need to declutter first.

  • Hover over any unwanted event!
  • Click the trash can icon to toss it out.

Fine-Tuning Your Timeline

Need adjustments for existing events?

  • Click on the event you want to tweak.
  • Or, are you ready to introduce a new event? A simple tap on the “Add Event” button at the page’s base does the trick.

You’ll see a nifty pop-up where you can add all the details like the event name, description, privacy levels, event type (Virtual, in-person, or both), location, and time. Make sure to specify your time zone! This will help ensure that times appear correctly for guests, regardless of where they are in the world.


Save your changes, and presto! Your Schedule is set, locked, and ready to go.

Not up for a Schedule on your Joy Wedding? No worries. A quick removal via “Manage Pages” on your admin dashboard does the trick.

Enjoy the scheduling journey!

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 🙂

Updated on September 26, 2023

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