Boosting Hotel Block Reservations with Email Reminders

Planning a wedding involves countless details, and one crucial aspect is ensuring your guests have comfortable accommodations. Hotel blocks provide convenience and discounted rates for your guests, but it’s essential to ensure they are aware of the available accommodations and book before the cut-off date. Hotel blocks typically have a cut-off date, after which the reserved rooms are released back to the hotel’s general inventory. Sending email reminders through Joy is simple and ensures that guests don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure a room within the block at a discounted rate!

Below we’ll share how to send email reminders through Joy and tips on writing.

How to Send Email Reminders

Utilizing Joy’s guest list feature simplifies the process of sending reminders to guests. By selecting the desired guests from your guest list and clicking the ‘Send’ button, you can easily send out personalized email reminders. To streamline your selection process, you can utilize the “Select all” button or apply tags to filter your “out of town” guests. Need more details on using tags? Check out this helpful article.

Tip: You can leverage the RSVP questions feature to identify guests who have already booked rooms or expressed interest in the hotel block. This way, you can avoid sending reminders to individuals who have already secured their accommodations.

Short and Sweet Approach

When crafting email reminders, your message can be short and sweet. Feel free to include essential details such as the cut-off date for booking rooms and a friendly nudge to take action. If you have a hotel block through Joy, you can also let your guests know they can contact us directly at for booking assistance. Take a look at a few message examples below:

Example One:

“We’re so excited to celebrate with you in just a few short months. We just wanted to send a quick note reminding you that the deadline to book hotel rooms under our room block at the Embassy Suites is April 1, 2025. If you haven’t already done so, please check out the accommodations section of our wedding website [link to website] for more information. Thank you so much!”

Example Two:

“Just a friendly reminder: For those of you who are planning on booking a room in our hotel block at the Embassy Suites, we just learned that rooms are booking up quickly, so we highly recommend making your reservation if you haven’t already done so already. For more information, check out our travel page or reach out to us directly with any questions. Thank you!“

Still have some questions?

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Updated on March 15, 2024

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