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Rolling out the red carpet of travel tips! You know the deal, sometimes reaching a wedding feels like a scavenger hunt without the map. Let’s avoid guests showing up with sleep deprivation and a story about a mattress that was practically a hammock. Help them land at cozy hotels, charming B&Bs, quirky cabins, or wherever your creative compass leads.

From the admin dashboard, click on ‘Edit Pages’ to navigate to the Travel page. Tap the ‘Add Travel’ button at the bottom of the page and you’ll see the option to add Hotels, the Booking Assistant, Houses, you name it.


  • Select ‘Hotel’ from the list.
  • Enter the hotel name, address, phone, and website.
  • Add a short note for extra details or even a booking link.
  • Name and address are must-haves for saving.

Booking Assistant

The Booking Assistant lets your guests go on a hunt for comfy stays near your venue using Airbnb,, Kayak, and

  • Click the ‘Booking Assistant’ icon.
  • Fill in the location, and title (‘Find hotels near our venue’ or ”Find Cozy Spots Near the Party’.)
  • Suggest check-in and check-out dates.
  • Hit ‘save’ – you’re all set!

Managing Lodging Info

To delete, reorder, or change lodging info, hover your cursor over the travel card.

  • Click the “x” to delete.
  • Reorder the cards with the arrow.
  • Or “Edit” to make changes.

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Updated on September 29, 2023

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