Maximizing Your Website For Room Blocks

Your wedding website isn’t just a place for information, it’s a valuable resource that ensures your guests have a seamless experience, including booking accommodations. By consolidating everyone’s stay in one place, you not only make things easier but also foster a sense of togetherness and convenience. Let’s maximize the potential of your website to effectively promote your room block.

Get the Most Out of Your Travel Page

Your travel page is the perfect spot to share information about your room block. Guests can easily book through your booking link. Check out these tips and examples on what you can add to your travel page.

  • Give a brief description of the benefits of booking within the block, such as convenience and special discounts.
  • Include direct links to book rooms within the block.
  • Let your guests know who they can reach out to if they have any questions. If you’re using Joy for your hotel block, your guests can contact us directly!

Utilizing Your Announcement Banner

You have the option to add a travel banner to your site. This will be the first message guests see when they visit your site. It’s a fantastic way to remind them about your RSVP and showcase your hotel block. It might just give them the gentle push they need to RSVP and book at the same time.

  • Keep your message short and sweet. Avoid overwhelming your guests with too much information.
  • Maximize the impact of your banner by including important details like deadlines, special rates, and your booking link.

Use Your RSVP Questions to Your Advantage

Gathering and organizing important information from your guests is a breeze with our RSVP and guest list features. Not only can you ask your guests about their attendance and food choices, but you can also find out if they plan to stay in your hotel block. That way, when you send out a reminder email later, you’ll know who you can provide information to.

  • Ask guests if they have already booked their room or if they plan to.
  • Let them know that you’ll be staying at the same hotel as well.
  • It’s a great opportunity to gauge who will be staying and provide instructions for them to check out your travel page to book.

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Updated on March 15, 2024

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