Add Tidbits to Your Love Story

While your “Story” is arguably the most exciting thing you’ll want to share with guests, we at Joy also did some research and found a number of additional questions that couples get on their wedding day (and throughout the engagement!). So we decided to give you the opportunity to add some “tidbits”  to your story.

First navigate to the “Story” section of your website. 

Along the top, you’ll notice two tabs labeled “Write your own” and “Add tidbits.” Click on “Add Tidbits” and the resulting page will have series of nine questions for you to fill out.

These are not required! Feel free to only answer the questions you want to share with guests. If you want none of them, delete all of our example answers (added for inspiration), and the section will automatically disappear from your website and app.

Still have some questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to talk with our Customer Experience Team.