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When you first created your wedding website, the date and location of your event were required pieces of information, as they will show up on your main Welcome page. However, at Joy we understand that life is unpredictable and that plans change! If this is the case (or if you were so excited to get started that you chose to enter information before finalizing your plans), you can change your information with a few simple clicks.  

First, navigate to “Settings” from your admin dashboard.

You’ll be taken to the first tab of Settings, the ‘General’ tab, which shows all of your basic wedding information. Here you can edit your event handle under “Joy URL.” The event handle is used at the end of your URL and is a unique name that identifies a Joy event, (for ex. the URL may be www.withjoy.com/event123456, and “event123456” would be the event handle), event display name, which is how your names will appear on your site (for ex. Sue & Bob), your names, the greeting, the main date, location, timezone, and edit the Announcements Banner for your event.

You can also decide whether you want to ‘hide or show’ an event countdown or the “Get Our App” page on your site, and if you want to delete your site, you can do it from this page as well. After making any changes on this page, be sure to hit ‘Save’ on the top right side of your screen.

URL and Event Handle: All Joy weddings will have the basic URL of www.withjoy.com/YourEventHandle. You can get creative here!

  • Using the names Tiffany and Jack, some options include TiffanyPlusJack, TiffanyAndJack, or TAndJ. You can’t include an ampersand (“&”) in your URL for technical reasons.
  • You can also use other words entirely such as “hitched,” “getready,” or “savethedate.”
  • Once a user has taken a URL, others won’t be able to use it – so see if you can come up with something unique! (Also, if a couple with the names Tiffany and Jack are reading this right now…we’re sorry for stealing your thunder).

Names: We hope that this is self-explanatory, but note that only your first names will appear on the welcome page and in official correspondence from Joy.

Date: When you first create your wedding, a date will be required. You can change this in the future, but make sure you toggle the switch on your settings page to change it on your schedule as well. You can also do it manually from your schedule page.

Location: Please specify the city, state and/or country in which the wedding is taking place. The drop-down menu will auto-populate some options for you to choose from, but feel free to enter the location in your own words!

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at support@withjoy.com. You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 🙂

Updated on December 27, 2020

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