Add Your Love Story

We know you’ve probably already explained how you met thousands of times, but the question isn’t going away any time soon! That’s why we’ve included a “Story” section on your website and app.

From your admin dashboard, navigate to your “Story,” section. Don’t hold back here! Whether you were brought together by fate, were friends from childhood, or had really catchy pick-up lines on perfectly crafted online profiles, people love to hear how it all began. Alternatively, pick your favorite moment together or a memory that represents how special the relationship is to you. No need to follow our suggestions, make this your own!

If sharing really isn’t your style, no problem! You can also remove this section from your mobile app and website entirely. Learn how to remove pages in this article. 

For more inspiration, we’ve included a “Tidbits” section. Be sure to check our article to learn more!

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Updated on February 27, 2023

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