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Hey there, dynamic duo! We know, you’ve recounted the tale of how you met more times than you’ve scrolled through cat memes. But hang on, because that question’s not going anywhere! That’s why we’ve cooked up the “Story” section on your website and app.

  • Swing by your “Story” section. You’ll find it hanging out under Edit Pages on your admin dashboard.
  • Click under “Tell’em how you met.”
  • Time to spill the beans! Destiny’s Dance, childhood camaraderie complete with juice boxes, or those unforgettable online profiles—let the world in on your tale. Trust us, people are suckers for a good origin story. If you’re the shy type, pick a cherished memory that speaks volumes about your love story. It’s like your personal spotlight.

If sharing isn’t your jam, you can totally ditch this section from your mobile app and website. Check out how to do it in this article.

Oh, and we’ve got more in store – a little section called “Tidbits” for extra inspo. Peek at our article to dive in!

Keep rocking your love story!

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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