What if I’m Trying to RSVP Online and It’s Not Working?

First, you’ll want to make sure you enter your first and last name into the RSVP form, exactly as it was addressed on your invite or save the date from the couple. For example, if your name is “Marinda Smith,” you will need to enter “Marinda Smith, when responding. If you enter anything else, such as “Mindy Smith” or “Mrs. Smith” etc the RSVP page will not recognize you.

If you’ve entered your name differently than the couple has it added to their guest list, you’ll see a message saying “No match was found.” You’ll be prompted to try a different spelling of your name with the option to ‘Try Again.’

If you’re still having trouble RSVPing, you can click on the “Let the host know” option. A box will open up where you can send a message to the host, to let them know you are having trouble RSVPing:

If the host made any changes on the guest list after sending invites out, they may need to crosscheck and update your name on their guest list to make sure it matches.

Also, if you’re RSVP’ing for you and a guest (or your family), you’ll be able to RSVP for the entire group by typing in your first and last name (as seen on your invite/save the date) as the system will recognize you accordingly, and then it will also show you the other guests in your party that you can RSVP for. If that is not happening after entering your name in, it may be possible that the couple has you listed differently on the guest list, and again, you should contact them directly about that. 

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Updated on December 23, 2022

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