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Since the moment you invited your first guest to your Joy Wedding, photos have been posted, commented on, and loved by your closest friends and families. Now it’s time to view them.

Whether you want to have them projected at your wedding and reception, or you’d rather curl up with some leftover cake and reminisce after everything is said and done, viewing all of your Joy memories as a convenient slideshow is easy.

First, navigate to your welcome page on your main wedding website (not your admin dashboard), and click on the “Moments” page from the menu. Once you do so, your photos from your Moments section will open up like this: 

Next, click on any photo to open it in a larger window. Once you open the photo, you will see an option at the bottom of the photo to “Play Slide Show” as seen below: 

Click “Play Slide Show” and the pictures will start playing automatically. You can pause it by clicking on “Pause Slide Show” at the bottom of the photos as well. 

And that’s pretty much it — enjoy the slide show!

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Updated on December 15, 2020

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