Renaming Your Guest List Columns

By default, the guest list column names on your guest list will be titled the same as your RSVP questions. For example, if you have an RSVP question that asks “Do you have any dietary restrictions?” then the corresponding column name on the guest list will also be titled “Do you have any dietary restrictions?”

RSVP question:

Guestlist column name: 

But for ease of use, you can shorten and customize those column names so they aren’t as long as the question!  For example, the “Will you be attending?” question could be changed to “Attendance” instead.

Additional Ideas/Tips: If you have multiple events, you can re-name the columns to names like, ‘RSVP: Rehearsal Dinner,’ ‘RSVP: Tea Ceremony,’ (for your different event RSVPs), or ‘Meal: Rehearsal’ and ‘Meal: Sangeet,’ etc etc. 

To do this, you’ll want to click on the “column header” box on the bottom right side of the RSVP question box:

The box that opens will allow you to type in a custom column name of your choice, for example, “Attendance” or “Rehearsal Dinner” etc:

Click “Save” and you should be all set! Now when you view your guest list, you’ll see the custom column name instead:

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Updated on February 23, 2021

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