Importing Guest List Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

Having a ‘Guest-astrophe’ While Importing Your List? No Worries, We’re Here to Help!

So, you’re all set to import your guest list into Joy, but sometimes technology gives us a little wink and nod when we least expect it. Don’t fret! Here’s a friendly guide to tackle those common formatting gremlins and get your guest list sailing smoothly into Joy site.

Errors you may encounter, what causes them, and how to fix them

‘The CSV file is not quite formatted in a way that we can read it.’

Your file is likely saved as a Google Sheet, .xlsx, or .numbers file, but Joy’s heart beats for .csv files only. Give it what it wants!Convert your file to .csv format.
A column is missing or it has the wrong name. While you can import blank columns, you must include the following column headers: first name, last name, and email. The party column is optional, it’s more like the cool cousin who’s always welcome.Make sure you have the following columns first name, last name, and email.

The below example is missing the ’email’ column header and will not import:

To import the file, add that snazzy ’email’ column header.

“Error: It looks like you’ve entered more than one guest per row. This will cause issues when guests RSVP with their first and last name. Please update your spreadsheet before importing. Ex. Enter ‘Kevin’ instead of ‘Kevin & Eva.”

You’ve got more than one guest in a single row. You’ve slipped in an ‘&’ or a ‘+1’ in the first name or last name column.Make sure each guest is on their own separate line in your spreadsheet. And be sure to remove any ‘and’s or ‘&’s or “+1’s” that may have snuck into the first or last name columns.

In the below example, there are multiple guests per row (i.e. Emily and Richard, Lorelai +1). This file will not import.

But this file will import:

Bonus Move: If you like to group guests before the grand import, use the ‘party’ column. It’s like creating your own party playlist! Find out how here. Or, import them solo and mix and match later. Learn about guest-grouping post-import here.


Q. Why can’t I spot the party column on my uploaded guest list?

A. The party column likes to stay behind the scenes. It only comes out to play during the import to group your guests.

Q. What happened to my other columns, like mailing addresses?

A. Sorry, we’re a bit picky eaters. Joy currently only feasts on first names, last names, and email addresses. Other columns are left to enjoy the party outside our menu.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on November 27, 2023

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