Importing Guest List Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

In order to import your guest list to Joy, the formatting needs to be exact. There are a couple of different errors you may see if there is an issue with your spreadsheet.

Errors you may see, causes, and solutions:

‘The CSV file is not quite formatted in a way that we can read it.’

Causes and Solutions:

  • The file is saved as a Google Sheet, .xlsx, .numbers file. Joy only supports importing .csv files so the file will need to be converted to a .csv.
  • A column is missing. While you can import blank columns, you must include the following column headers: first name, last name, email. The party column is optional.

    The below example is missing the ’email’ column header and will not import:

To import the file, you’ll just need to add the ’email’ column header.

‘Error: It looks like you’ve entered more than one guest per row. This will cause issues when guests RSVP with their first and last name. Please update your spreadsheet before importing. Ex. Enter ‘Kevin’ instead of ‘Kevin & Eva.”‘

Cause and Solution:

  • There is at least one instance of more than one guest entered per row, and/or you’ve included +1.

    In the below example, there are multiple guests per row (i.e. Emily and Richard, Lorelai +1).

To resolve the issue, you will need to enter each guest on their own line in your spreadsheet, AND remove any ‘and’s or ‘&’s that you have added into that column. If there are any ‘and’s or ‘and’s in the first or last name column, the file won’t import. Below, you can see each guest is on their own line and the same value is used in the party column to group them (i.e. Emily and Richard, Lorelai and guest).

Additionally, if you would like to group guests before importing the sheet to Joy, you should use the party column to group them. You can learn about setting that up here. If you don’t want to group the guests before importing the sheet, that is fine, you can import them as single guests on their own lines in the sheet, and then you can group them together after the import is complete. You can learn about grouping guests after the import here.


Q. Why am I not seeing the party column on my uploaded guest list?
A. The party column won’t import as a column on the guest list. It is only used in the file to group guests upon import.

Q. Why didn’t my other columns, such as mailing address, import?
Joy currently only supports importing first names, last names, and email addresses. We do not support importing any other columns at this time.

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Updated on December 2, 2022

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