I Want to Reach Out to the Couple. How Should I Do It?

Your friends are tying the knot, and you’ve got some warm wishes, a sprinkle of advice, or just that feeling of joy that you can’t wait to share with the happy couple. So, how can you send your love their way? When you’re eager to get in touch with the couple, you’ve got a couple of options:

  • Simply hit “Reply” to the Save the Date, Invitation eCard, or any other emails they’ve sent you via Joy. Your message will reach them directly via email. (Just a heads-up, though, RSVP email confirmations and event details emails won’t reach the couple if you reply to them.)
  • If you have RSVP’d to the wedding, you should have received an Event Details Email that contains links to the couple’s site. Inside this email, you’ll spot a “Message Hosts” option – clicking this will shoot an email straight to the couple.
  • Keep an eye out – sometimes couples include their contact info on their site’s Q&A page or elsewhere. So, if you’re looking to connect, the website might have just what you need!

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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