I Can’t Find the Couple’s Wedding Website. What Should I Do?

The happy couple in your life is getting married, they shared their wedding website URL with you, and you’re excited to see the details of their big day. You try to visit their wedding website, but you’re directed to a Find A Couple page. Now what?

If you received a paper invite

You’ll first want to reference the paper invitation and double-check the spelling of the couple’s wedding website URL. If there are hyphens in the URL, be sure to include those, as the event handle/URL will need to match exactly with the event handle/URL printed on the invitation.

If the spelling is correct, but you’re still not able to locate the site, you’ll need to reach out to the couple directly.

If you received an electronic invite

Just like with paper invites, you’ll want to double-check the spelling of the couple’s URL located at the bottom of the eCard.

Bottom of the Card:

If you’re still getting an error message after clicking on the wedding website link, it’s possible the couple changed their URL after sending the invite. In this case, you’ll want to contact the couple directly.

To do that, you can reply to the save the date, invitation eCard, or any other emails the couple sent to you via Joy. They will receive your reply, and you can then be in touch via email.

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Updated on September 29, 2023

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