I’m Trying to Access a Couple’s Website, but I’m Being Prompted for a Password. What Should I Do?

If you find yourself faced with a password prompt while trying to access a couple’s website, don’t worry – it’s all about keeping their event details private! The couple has password-protected their wedding website. Here’s how you can get that key to unlock the site:

Check your Invitation: Head back to the invite the couple sent you. They might have printed the password on their physical invites or save the dates. For those who got an eCard sent through Joy, no need to worry about the password – it’s like magic! Clicking the links from the eCard will automatically unlock the site for you. But if you’re not using an eCard, no sweat – the event password will also be right at the bottom of the Joy eCard invitation, as shown below:

Connect with the Couple: Can’t seem to locate the password? Just reach out to the couple directly. They’re the password holders! (We can’t spill the beans on their password without their say-so.)

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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