How To Use The Joy Quick Add Button

Got your eye on something that isn’t in the Joy catalog for your registry? No sweat, we’ve got you covered! Say hello to the Joy Quick Add Button – your one-click ticket to adding any item from any online store to your registry. Easy peasy! 🌟

Installing the Joy Quick Add Button

The Joy Quick Add Button is a clever little JavaScript snippet designed to make your life easier. It lets you effortlessly add items from your favorite online stores to your Joy registry. This magical snippet grabs the item’s URL and does its best to find the title, photo, and price for you. And guess what? You can always tweak these details later if needed. 🛒

Please note: The Joy Quick Add Button works like a charm on laptop and desktop browsers, but it’s not Safari’s cup of tea. For a delightful mobile experience, check out the “Add Gifts” tab in our app. It’s perfect for your on-the-go registry needs!

Make sure your bookmark bar is visible

First things first, we have to make sure your bookmark bar is visible! See the instructions below for your browser.


In Chrome’s top bar menu, click on “view” and make sure “Always Show Bookmarks Bar” has a check next to it.

Chrome - How to Always Show Bookmarks Bar


In Edge top bar menu, click on “view” and make sure “Always Show Favorites Bar” has a check next to it.

Microsoft Edge - How to Always Show Favorites Bar


In Firefox’s top bar menu, click on “view” > “Toolbars” > “Bookmarks Toolbar” then make sure “Always Show” is selected.

Firefox - How to Always Show Bookmarks Toolbar

Safari support is coming soon! For now please use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

Click and drag the “Get the Quick Add Button” up into your bookmark bar

Head over to the Overview tab of the registry page and scroll down to the Install the Quick Add Button:

Inside the install dialog, drag the purple “Add to Joy” button up into your bookmark bar.

Great! That’s it! You’ve installed the Joy Quick Add Button.

Using the Quick Add Button

1 – Go to any store you want to add an item from.

You should go to whatever store you want to add items from. I personally love Misen carbon steel pans so I went to their site to browse. Check it out here.

2 – Find something you want to add to your registry.

Make sure you’re on the page that links directly to the item you want! It’s also best to make sure you pick the color/size you want. I want the 10″ Pan, so I make sure that’s selected before pressing the “Add to Joy” button in my bookmark bar.

3 – Click the “Add to Joy” Browser Button.

Now click the “Add to Joy” button in the browser, and you’ll see a dialog come up with the results from the page.

4 – Add the gift to your registry.

Before you add that fabulous find to your registry, take a moment to double-check all the details. Ensure the item’s title and price are spot on, and don’t forget to pick the perfect image – you can cycle through options using the arrows. As of now, we’re all about that one-image charm. Just like in my example, if you’re adding one fantastic 10″ Carbon Steel Pan, you’re good to go with the quantity. Feel free to add a special note for your beloved friends and family if you’d like!

Troubleshooting the Joy Quick Add Button
You are no longer signed in to Joy

Occasionally you might be logged out of your account, or need to log in again, to use the Joy Quick Add Button. If you get this message, click “Sign In”, and log in to your account to continue adding items to your registry.

If you have problems with this please let us know via the chat at the bottom right of your Joy Dashboard.

Joy Quick Add Button accuracy

We do our darndest to keep the Quick Add Button sharp and snappy for most major US retailers. But, you know how it goes – retailers like to change things up, and that can sometimes trip up our button. So, if it can’t quite nail the right title, price, or image for that awesome item you want on your registry, don’t sweat it. We’ve got you covered! You can tweak those details before officially adding the item to your registry. And guess what? Even after you’ve added it, you can still play around with the price, photo, title, and even jot down a note for your beloved family and friends right from the “manage” page. Talk about flexibility!

Third-party Javascript blocking

Sometimes, the web can be a little finicky. There are websites out there that don’t play nice with third-party JavaScript, and unfortunately, our button won’t work its magic on those sites. But no worries! If you happen upon one of these sites that block third-party JavaScript, your trusty browser will shoot you a quick message to let you know. We’re here to keep things as smooth as possible for you!

If the Quick Add Button decides to play hard to get, or if it’s not working as expected, you’re not stuck. Grab the URL of the item you want to add and head on over to the “manage” tab in your registry dashboard. There, you’ll find the trusty “Add gift” button. Click on it, and presto! You’ll see a handy form pop up, ready for you to manually add that special item to your registry. Your registry, your way!

Known stores that do not work with the Joy Quick Add Button

  • Anthropology

If you find a site that doesn’t allow the button please let us know so we can update this list.

Ad blockers

Sometimes, those sneaky ad blockers can play tricks on our Quick Add Button. Just so you know, the button itself isn’t an ad and doesn’t spill the beans to any third parties. But, it does pop up on top of your current page, and ad blockers can sometimes get in the way. They might prevent the button from launching or stop our script from scanning the page to add your item, causing it to freeze up.

If you’re facing this ad-blocker showdown, depending on your ad blocker, you could try preventing this issue by enabling “always trust” or temporarily disabling the ad blocker while you give our Quick Add Button a spin. It’s a quick workaround to keep things smooth!

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 

Updated on September 26, 2023

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