How to Send General or Reminder Emails to Your Guests

There are various reasons why you might want to send a general message or reminder email to all or some of your guests — which is different from Save the Dates or Invitations.

Maybe it’s been a few months since you sent your invites and haven’t heard from a particular guest about whether they’re attending your wedding. You can send a reminder email to that guest to RSVP by a certain date. Or, say you have a last-minute update about your rehearsal dinner and want to relay the new information quickly. You can send a general email to only your rehearsal dinner guests so that everyone in that group is on the same page.

To edit and send a general or reminder email, first navigate to the Guest List icon from your admin dashboard. From here, select the guests in question from the Guest List by clicking on the checkbox next to their names or choosing the Select All checkbox (if you want to send a message to all guests).

Then, click on Send Invites & Messages in the upper-right corner where you’ll see the four pre-built email templates you can send to your guests: Invitation E-Card, Save the Date E-Card, Change the Date E-Card, Reminder Email, and a General Message Email. For our purposes here, you will either select Reminder Email or General Message Email depending on which one you want to edit and send.

Once you’ve selected the email template you want to send to your guests, you’ll be brought to a pop-up email screen. We’ve included a default message, but you are free to make the Reminder Email or General Message Email your own.

Reminder pop-up email:

General Message pop-up email:

After editing your Email Subject and Message, you can send a Test Email to yourself to see how it will look from the guest’s perspective. Additionally, you can preview your email to make sure it is exactly how you want it. If everything looks good, just click on Send Now to [x] Guests at the bottom of the email pop-up screen, and your guest(s) should get your message in no time!

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Updated on December 27, 2020

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