How To Politely Remind Your Guests About Their Gift Reservations


Sometimes guests will reserve a gift, intending to come back to purchase the gift later on. Sometimes a guest may lost track and forget to purchase and send their gift.

If this happens, don’t worry. You can send a tasteful one-time email to remind your guest about their gift reservation. Don’t worry, this email will come from Joy. We won’t ever mention you asked us to remind them.

Note: You can only send email reminders for gifts that you added to your registry yourself. We cannot send email reminders for gifts that are synced from external retailer registries.

How this works

  1. Go to your registry, and click “Manage” to see your list of gifts.
  2. Click on a gift. To send a reminder to a guest, click on the arrow to expand their information.
  3. Click “Preview and Send Reminder”
  4. Click “Send Reminder” in the confirmation dialog

Your guest will receive a friendly reminder email like this:

Updated on January 18, 2022

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