How To Politely Remind Your Guests About Their Gift Reservations

Occasionally, guests might get all excited and reserve a gift on your registry with the best intentions but then accidentally forget to follow through with the purchase. Life happens!

But fret not! You have the power to send a friendly, one-time email reminder to jog their memory. The best part? The email is sent on your behalf by Joy, and we won’t mention that you nudged us.

Note: You can only send email reminders for gifts you added to your registry manually. Gifts synced from external retailer registries, unfortunately, can’t receive these reminders.

How it works

  • Start by going to your “Registry” from the admin dashboard.
  • Give a tap to the “Gifts” tab at the top of the page.
  • Select a gift.
  • To send a reminder to a guest, spot the arrow next to their name and give it a click to reveal more information.
  • Click “Preview and Send Reminder.”
  • Click “Send Reminder” within the confirmation dialog that pops up.

Your guest will receive a friendly reminder email like this:

And there you have it, the nifty email is off to remind your fabulous guests about the gifts they were all thrilled to gift you.

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Updated on September 26, 2023

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