How to Invite Your Guests

With Joy, you have several ways to invite guests to your event including via eCards, paper invites, as well as via the mobile app and any messaging service you choose.


You can send more formal correspondence in the form of beautiful eCards, such as Save the Dates, Invitations, Change the Dates, and Custom Cards via email.

If you decide to send eCards through Joy, you can use one of our dozens of themes to match your website. To learn more about how to send eCards through Joy, read about the process in this helpful article!

Paper Invites

If you want to send paper invites to your guests, check out our Themes page or partner websites to see if there are matching prints available for the theme you are using on your Joy website. You can navigate to the Cards section on the admin dashboard and click on the Save the Dates, Invitations, Change the Date, or Custom Cards icon to learn more about available prints and our print partners, Paperlust and Paper Culture. Our Themes page also indicates whether each theme has matching stationery available.

Mobile App and Messaging Service

You can also invite guests conveniently from the Mobile App and any messaging service you use!

When you log into your event from the Mobile App, navigate to the bottom of the screen where you will see a menu icon. Click on that to access your settings page.

From here, navigate to Share Event to begin the process of inviting your guests and sharing the details of your event with them.

A Share this Event pop-up section will appear at the bottom of your mobile screen that will reveal your website URL and password. You can simply copy and paste the URL link and password to share with guests via text message, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging service!

Additionally, right below the URL and the password, you’ll see an option to Send Invite.

When you click Send Invite, you’ll be prompted to choose the method with which to send your URL and password (text, email, etc.). Once you choose your preferred method, you’ll see that Joy automatically produces a message that reads:

“You are invited to [first name of Partner 1] & [first name of Partner 2]’s wedding on Joy. Join using the link [site URL]
Event Password: [event password]

Of course, feel free to customize the message to your heart’s content so that it sounds like your voice or to personalize it for the guest you’re inviting! Once you’re happy with it, send it off to your phone or email contacts or through any other messaging service you wish.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on April 17, 2022

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