How to Change Your Event Display Name and Hide the “&” Symbol

Many people use Joy to plan events other than weddings. Or, couples may just want to change the event display name to something besides their first names. The event display name is simply how the names of the couple, or the name of the event, appear on the Welcome Page of the site.

To change your event display name, navigate to your Settings page and then the General tab. From there, edit the name fields for “Partner One” and “Partner Two” to change the text for the event display name.

You’ll notice that the event display name at the bottom will reflect the text you entered in the “Partner One” and “Partner Two” first name fields.

When you go to your Joy site, you’ll also notice the text you entered in the “Partner One” and “Partner Two” first name fields will be reflected on your Welcome page — including the “&” symbol.

But, what if you want to remove the “&” symbol — especially if you’re not using Joy for a wedding? No worries. We have a workaround for removing the “&” symbol from the display!

To remove the “&” symbol from the event display name (and thus, the Welcome page), type whatever name and/or text you want into the “Partner One” name field in Settings. Then, for “Partner Two,” leave the first and last name fields blank. However, you must type a blank space into the first name field for “Partner Two.” 

Once you add a blank space, the Settings page will allow you to save your changes (though there may be a red warning box around the “Partner Two” name fields, which you can disregard).

Once you click Save at the top, you’ll notice the text you added into the “Partner One” first name field will become your event display name, and the “&” symbol will no longer appear.

When you go to your Joy site, your text in the “Partner One” first name field and in the event display name on the backend will be reflected on your Welcome page just as you entered it — with the “&” symbol removed!

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Updated on February 28, 2023

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