How Do I See All of the RSVP Questions?

In order to start the RSVP process, and to view all the RSVP questions the couple is asking the guests, you’ll want to head over to the RSVP page on the couple’s website or mobile app.

Once you are on the RSVP page, you should enter your first and last name into the RSVP form, and include an email address. (You should match your name with the way the couple addressed it on your save the date or invite to ensure the system matches you correctly). Once you enter your name and email and click on the purple “Next” button,

then you’ll be able to choose the guest you want to RSVP for on the next page, by clicking on the “Respond” button (next to the guest’s name):

You will then see the RSVP questions that you can answer, one by one, in order. Each time you answer an RSVP question, be sure to click “Next” and then the next RSVP question will appear. (You will not see all of the RSVP questions on the screen at once, you’ll need to answer them one by one and keep clicking “Next” for the next question to appear). 

Don’t forget – once you are finished responding for all of the guests in your party, please be sure to click on the final “Submit Your RSVP” button. 🙂

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Updated on February 23, 2021

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