How Do I Know if I Have a Plus One?

Wondering how to solve the mystery of whether you can bring a plus one or if you’ll be flying solo? We’re here to help with some investigation skills.

Unlocking the plus one mystery is easier than you think. Here’s your cheat sheet:

  • The Invite or Save the Date: Open the wedding invite or save the date, and read between the lines – specifically, the names. If you’ve got a plus one, you’ll spot more than one name, like “Rory and Jess” or the enigmatic “Rory and Guest.”
  • RSVP on the Couple’s Site: Fire up your web browser and head to the couple’s wedding website. Click that RSVP button and enter your name and email (make sure your name matches the name listed on the invite). If you’ve got a plus-one, your partner’s name will pop up. And if you can bring whomever you want, you’ll see the option to enter their name.
  • Adding Your Own Plus One: If the couple’s giving you the okay to add your own plus one, you’ll see the “How many people are in your party?” question.

Get ready to RSVP with confidence!

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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