How Do I Allow My Guests to RSVP for Their Families or Plus Ones at the Same Time?

If an invited guest plans to bring their family or plus one to your event, you can give them the ability to RSVP on their behalf — at the same time and on the same RSVP form. Joy makes it easy by offering two ways to enable this for a guest:

  • Creating household groups on the Guest List, OR
  • Toggling on the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ setting

Creating Groups on the Guest List

A group could be a couple or a family dynamic. You would create a household group if:

  • you want certain guests to appear together on the same invitation AND
  • you want them to be able to RSVP for each other

If you know a guest is part of a household group, as opposed to a solo guest, and you allow everyone in the group to be at your event, you can add them to the Guest List and then group them as a party before sending your digital invites.

If you know everyone’s names, and you’ve added them as a group on the Guest List, this is what the RSVP form will look like to your invited guest — in this case, Regina Dougherty.

If you don’t know the names of everyone in a group, but you’ve added blank entries for them on the Guest List, this is what the RSVP form will look like to your invited guest.

The invited guest who is responding on behalf of everyone in their group can add the guest names and information, then submit the RSVP.

Toggling on the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ Setting

‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ gives guests the ability to add plus ones to their group/party. If you want to allow this option, toggle on the setting before sending your digital invites. You can find the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ setting in two convenient places across your site:

  • under the Settings tab on the RSVP Questions page
  • under the Settings/gear icon on the Guest List page

If you toggle on the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ setting, all of your invited guests will see two functions when they access the RSVP form: their name/respond button and the option to Add Another Guest.

When an invited guest clicks Add Another Guest, they can enter any name, respond for them, and then submit the RSVP. From there, the invited guest will be grouped on the Guest List with each person they added as a plus one.

If you don’t want to group your guests on the Guest List before sending digital invites, toggling on the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ setting may be a good option. However, this setting also means all of your guests will be able to freely add up to 20 plus ones, so it’s wise to inform them ahead of time on how many plus ones they can bring.

One important caveat with the ‘Allow Any Guests to Add +1s’ setting: If you add a couple as separate entries on the Guest List and then both people RSVP for their plus one (who happen to be each other), you will end up with two household groups. To avoid this scenario, don’t add the partner, or other family members, to the Guest List. Just allow the “primary” guest, whoever you decide that to be, to add their plus ones. When that guest RSVPs for their plus one, or family, they will be automatically grouped together on the Guest List when they submit the RSVP — and only listed once.

When collecting online RSVPs for your event, it’s easy to overlook how guests can RSVP for their family or plus ones. Check out our article Why Should I Add My Guests (and Group Them) on the Guest List? for more context on how to leverage your Joy site to create a better, more streamlined RSVP experience for all. (Your guests will thank you later.)

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Updated on December 23, 2022

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