How Can I Ask an RSVP Question to Only Specific Guests?

With Joy’s multiple events feature, you have the ability to ask specific RSVP questions to specific guests. For example, if you want to ask rehearsal dinner guests specific questions about their meal choice at the rehearsal dinner, then you can make sure that this RSVP question only gets asked to those invited guests.

Let’s help you set this up!

First, you’ll want to label guests on your guest list. To learn more about adding labels on the guest list, check out this article.

Once your guests have been labeled, you can use those labels to show specific events to specific guests on your schedule page as well. Learn how to do that here!

Finally, to ask certain RSVP questions to specific guests, you’ll want to select guest labels accordingly when setting up your RSVP questions (or you can select guests manually from the guest list). We’ll show you what we mean!

First, head over to your RSVP Questions page from your admin dashboard. Once you’re there, choose the question you want to ask to specific guests. You’ll then see an “Ask” button on the bottom of the question box. You can click on that button to determine which guests you want to ask this question to:

Next, on the “Who can see this?” box, you can determine which guests will see this question. You can choose guests that have been assigned certain labels on your guest list, or you can also manually choose guests from the guest list. Under the specific guests section, you’ll want to click on the purple “select” option so that you can select the guests you want.

If you choose the “Show this to guests with the label” option, you’ll then see this box pop up where you can choose the label(s) you want to use:

Once you select the label you want by clicking on it, be sure to click on the purple “Done” button, and then your selection will be saved.

Likewise, if you want to select additional specific guests from your guest list, you should click on the select option next to “In addition to the following guests” and you’ll see another “Who can see this?” box pop up. But this time you can search for the guests on your guest list that you want to select. Once you find them, you should click on the check box to the right side of the guest name in order to select them:

Once you have selected the labels you want, and any additional guests you want to include, your “Who can see this?” box will show you the labels and the list of additional guests that you have chosen:

Remember to click Save and you should be all set! This question is now set to only be asked to those specified guests on your RSVP.

On the other hand, if you want an RSVP question to be asked to all of your guests, then you’ll want to ensure that you choose the “Anyone who visits your website” option on the “Who can see this?” box as seen below:

****Note: Any follow-up question you make based off a previous (parent) question will share the same privacy group. 

For example, you can’t ask “Will you be attending our Rehearsal Dinner?” to guests labeled “Rehearsal Dinner”, but then ask the follow-up question to that question, “Choose your rehearsal dinner option,” to guests labeled something else. The follow-up question will automatically be shown to any guests with the label “Rehearsal Dinner” as well. 

Pro-Tip: In order to ensure guests are asked the appropriate questions based on the labels they were assigned, we suggest you enable strict name matching and you can learn about that here

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Updated on February 23, 2021

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