How Can I Ask an RSVP Question to Only Specific Guests?

With Joy, you can ask specific RSVP questions to specific guests. For example, if you want to ask an attendance question to those guests invited to your rehearsal dinner, you can make sure that RSVP question is only asked to those guests invited to that event.

First things first: Restrict RSVPs to guests on your guest list

To ensure guests are asked the appropriate questions based on the tags they were assigned, or their names, we suggest you restrict RSVPs to guests on your guest list.

Using Guest Tags to select guests who should see an RSVP question

Guest Tags are really useful throughout Joy: You can use them to create groups of guests that should receive certain messages, see certain private events, and be asked certain RSVP questions.

For example, you can ask an RSVP question about the Rehearsal dinner to only guests who are invited to the rehearsal dinner (and tagged, “Rehearsal”).

Once you use Guest Tags to tag guests, head over to your RSVP Questions page from your admin dashboard.

Choose a question you want to ask to specific guests. You’ll then see an “Ask” option in the bottom-left corner of the question box. Click on the dropdown to select which guests should be asked the question:

Next, on the “Who can see this?” box, you can choose which guests will see this question. Select “Specific guests with your event password,” then, next to “Show to guests with tag,” click “Select”:

Then select the tags you want, and click “Done.”

Selecting individual guests who should see an RSVP question

You can also just select individual guests by name. Next to “and the following guests,” click “Select”:

Then select your individual guests and click “Done.”

Bringing it all together

Once you have selected the tags you want, and any additional guests you want to include, you can review the tags and additional guests you have selected:

Click “Save,” and you are all set. This question is now set to only be asked to those specific guests.

A note about follow-up questions and specific guests

If you show a question to specific guests, all follow-ups to that question will also only be shown only to those specific guests.

For example, you can’t ask “Will you be attending our Rehearsal Dinner?” to guests tagged “Rehearsal Dinner”, but then ask a follow-up question “Choose your rehearsal dinner option,” to guests tagged something else. The follow-up question will automatically be shown to any guests with the tag “Rehearsal Dinner”. 

Asking an RSVP question to all guests

If you want an RSVP question to be asked to all of your guests, choose the “Anyone who has your event password” option on the “Who can see this?” box as seen below:

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Updated on November 22, 2022

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