How Can I Ask an RSVP Question to Only Specific Guests?

RSVP precision is the name of the game, and Joy’s got your back. Here’s the deal: If you’ve got a question for your rehearsal dinner squad, but not everyone’s on that guest list, fret not. Joy empowers you to shoot specific questions to specific guests, putting you in control of the RSVP spotlight.

Starting point: Restrict RSVPs to your guest list

For a seamless match between guests and the right questions – whether it’s based on their tags or names – our suggestion is to limit RSVPs to guests listed on your guest list. You can learn about that here.

Using guest list tags

Guest Tags are a spiffy little tool on Joy, allowing you to create guest groups for tailored communication, private event access, and targeted RSVP questions.

Setting it all up

Here’s the scene: You’re all set to ask for rehearsal dinner responses, but not everyone is on that list.

  • First, tag your Rehearsal Dinner guests on the guestlist.
  • Head over to your “Manage RSVP” page from the admin dashboard.
  • Click on the question you only want to be asked to the chosen ones.
  • Find the “Ask” option in the question box’s bottom-left corner and give it a friendly click.
  • In the “Who can see this?” box select “Specific guests with your event password.”
  • Beside “Show to guests with tag,” hit “Select.”
  • Choose the appropriate tags and click “Done.”

You can even target individual guests by name.

  • Click “Select” next to “and the following guests.”
  • Handpick the names and tap “Done.”
  • Review the selected tags and additional guests.
  • Click “Save” to apply the changes.

Ta-da! Your question is now a bullseye for those specific guests. And that’s a wrap, you savvy event planner!

A note about follow-up questions and specific guests

P.S. Just a quick heads-up about follow-up questions and specific guests – if a parent question is meant for certain folks, any attached follow-ups are only asked to the guest with that tag.

Imagine this: You ask “Are you joining our Rehearsal Dinner?” for guests tagged “Rehearsal Dinner.” That special “Pick your dinner delight” follow-up is only asked to the “Rehearsal Dinner” crew. It’s like a VIP lounge for questions!

Still have some questions?

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Updated on October 17, 2023

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