Easily Communicate With Your Guests via the Joy App

The Joy wedding app is the most convenient way for your guests to connect to your wedding info from a mobile device. It’s also a great way for you to communicate directly with your guests. Here are just a few of the awesome things you can do using the app.

  • From the app, your guest can scroll down to access all of the wedding info you’ve added to your site, including your wedding schedule, registries, and travel info. Guests can also read your wedding story and browse the moments that you and other guests have posted.

  • You can also make announcements through the Joy app. It’s a fun and easy way to communicate with your guests. You can attach images too!

  • You can even invite guests through the app using their phone number or email address. If you allow the app to access your contacts, you can also use the contact name stored in your mobile device.

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Updated on February 23, 2021

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