Deleting Questions on Your RSVP

We know that many of you like to test out the set up of your RSVP questions — add new questions, edit them, remove them, re-add them, etc etc, until you get the set up that you love! Now, you can now also delete those questions as well, to keep your RSVP questions page clean and manageable.

To delete an RSVP question, you can simply click on the red trash can icon on the bottom right side of the question box (for the question you want to delete):

If you have not had guests submit responses to that question yet, a box will open, asking you to confirm the permanent deletion of that question:

If you’ve had guests already submit responses to a question that you are trying to delete, then you will be notified that you can only archive that question, (because if you were to delete the question, the previous responses from guests will be removed):

If you have a question that has follow-up questions attached to it, you won’t be able to delete that question. You will need to first delete the follow-up question(s):

How do I un-archive questions that I previously archived?

Great question! If you scroll down below your active questions, you will see an “Inactive” section. When you click on that text, it will expand the area where all of your archived questions live:

You can then click on any question to open it up, and once the question box opens, you will see a purple “Unarchive” button that will re-activate that question when you click on it. That’s it!

Still have some questions?

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Updated on November 22, 2022

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