Ask Questions to Primary Guest Only

Let’s get crafty with your RSVP questions! You have the ability to tailor your questions to either the head honcho or the entire squad. Ask specific questions like “Where are you staying?” directly to the person RSVPing, while essential questions like “Do you have any food allergies?” can be asked to each person in the group. You have full control to adjust these settings.

Let’s start by heading over to your RSVP Questions page from the admin dashboard.

  • Begin by adding your RSVP questions.
  • Click on a question and scroll to the bottom to find ‘Ask Once Per.’
  • Simply choose ‘Household’ from the dropdown menu.

(Note: Just a little heads-up – this option doesn’t work for attendance questions! They have their own solo spotlight.)

Still have some questions?

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Updated on September 15, 2023

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