Adding Individual Items to Your Joy Registry

Did you know you can create your own Joy registry? You sure the heck can! Your registry, your way, where your guests can easily shop all your items in one list. Gifts, cash funds, experiences, causes – you name it, it’s your place to shine. And, if you’ve got a registry somewhere else in the vast gift universe, fear not, you can still link those too.

How to add individual items to your registry

  • Head over to your admin registry page.
  • Click on the “Gifts” tab.
  • Scroll down slightly to find the “Add Gift” option:
  • Click “Add Product.”
  • Now, you’ll see a box pop up where you can customize the gift!

Make sure to set up this box like this:

  • Enter a link (URL) to the product where it can be bought online in the Link box. (For ex, something like: Product Link)
  • Add a Title for the product, something like “Bar Cabinet,” or “Wine Glasses,” so your guests can see what the gift is at a glance.
  • You must enter the price of the item into the Price box and the number of items you want in the Quantity box.
  • Feel free to add a Note for family and friends about the item.
  • If you want to, upload a photo of the item via the photo uploader on the left side. (A photo won’t be added automatically; you’ll need to add your own. It can be a screenshot or something from Unsplash via the uploader for more options).
  • Don’t forget to click “Add Gift” at the bottom of the box to save the gift!

Editing or removing an item

  • Click on the gift you want to update. You’ll see a box like this pop up:
  • If you need to make changes to a gift, just click “Edit Gift.” You can tweak things like price, quantity, photo, title, and more.
  • If you want to say goodbye to a gift, simply click “Remove from Registry,” and it’ll disappear.
  • Got some items marked as ‘Reserved’ or ‘Purchased’? No problem! Click “Hide Gift” to remove them from guest view. Easy-peasy!

Reordering your items

Want to mix things up?

  • Click on the “Reorder” icon on the right side:
  • After hitting “Reorder,” you’re in control! You can move items around in your registry to your heart’s content. When you’re happy with the order.
  • Hit “Done” to seal the deal.

Still have some questions?

Ask us directly! Click on the black and white chat bubble in the bottom-right corner of this page to ask us your questions, or you can email us at You’ll get a friendly response from someone on our team! 🙂

Updated on September 26, 2023

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