Adding Individual Items to Your Joy Registry

Did you know you can create your own Joy registry, where you can add any items you want for your guests to conveniently shop in one place? Well, you can! Whether it is gifts, cash funds, experiences, or charitable causes, you can personalize your Joy registry by adding all your favorite items from your favorite brands. (And if you already created a registry elsewhere, not to worry, you can still link those as well). Welcome to your registry, your way, where your guests can easily shop all your items in one list.

How do I add individual items to my registry?

Head over to the ‘Registries’ icon on your admin dashboard to open up your admin registry page. Once you’re there, be sure to click on the “My Registry” tab near the top right corner of the page. You’ll then want to scroll down slightly on the page, until you see the “Add Gift” option (as circled in red below). Then click “Add Gift Manually” then “Add Product.”

Once you click on “Add Product” you will see this box pop up:

Make sure to set up this box as outlined below:

  • Enter a link (URL) to the product where it can be bought online in the Link box. (For ex, something like:
  • You should add a Title for the product, something like “Bar Cabinet,” or “Wine Glasses” etc etc, so your guests can see what the gift is, at a quick glance.
  • You’re required to enter the price of the item into the Price box, and the number of items you desire for that product in the Quantity box.
  • Optional: Add a Note for family and friends about the item, if you’d like.
  • Optional: Upload a photo of the item via the photo uploader on the left side. (A photo will not automatically be added, you will need to add your own photo. It can be a screen shot of the gift or you can search through Unsplash via the uploader for more options).
  • Be sure to click “Add Gift” at the bottom of the box in order to save the gift!

After you add a gift, you’ll also be prompted to add a shipping address for the item. This box will appear after you add a gift:

Click on the “Add Shipping Address” button, and a form will appear, where you can enter all the relevant shipping details for the gift(s):

Click “Save,” and now your guests will know where to send your gift(s)!

(If you clicked on “I’ll add it later” on the shipping address prompt, then you can click on the “Add Shipping Address” button at the top of your admin registry page, to add and/or edit the address at any time):

Once you’ve successfully added a gift, you can continue this process until you have a hand-selected gallery of gift options on your Joy registry. If you ever need to edit or remove an item from your registry, simply follow these steps:

Click on the item on your admin registry, and you’ll see a box like this pop up:

You can click on “Edit Gift” to update any of the product details like price, quantity, photo, title etc, etc. Or if you click on “Remove from Registry” then the item will be removed from your registry. If you have any items that have already been marked as ‘Reserved’ you’ll need to cancel the reservation before you can remove the item from the Registry Page.

Last, you can also order these items in any order you want! To do this, click on the “Reorder” icon on the right side of the page:

After clicking on “Reorder” you’ll see that you can drag and drop the items on your registry into any order that you want. When you’re happy with the order, be sure to click “Done” so that your order is saved.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy adding items directly to your Joy registry.

Still have some questions?

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Updated on October 26, 2022

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