Add an Announcement Banner to Your Website and Mobile App

If your wedding plans change, whether out of necessity or by choice, you’ll want to make sure your guests are aware of any updates. Catch their attention immediately by adding an Announcement Banner to your wedding website and mobile app.

The Announcement Banner will be the first thing guests see when they visit your wedding website, and can be used to convey the most important wedding updates that you want to ensure your guests don’t miss. It can be used to share any type of pressing wedding update, such as an RSVP deadline reminder, a change in dress code, a reminder to book rooms, a live stream link, or any special message to your guests.

How to add an Announcement Banner to your site

Head to your admin dashboard and navigate to ‘Settings.’

Click on the ‘General’ tab, and you will see the option to enable the Announcement Banner on your wedding website. To activate the Announcement Banner toggle the feature “on,” (so that the toggle turns purple). Then, edit the Headline and the Message to suit your needs:

The announcement banner will be the first thing guests see when they visit your site

Yes, you can add links to websites and email addresses directly to your message. Enter the link into your message while editing, and you’ll see them appear as clickable links in the announcement on the guest facing site.

Once you’ve finished making your changes, hit save on the top of the page, and you’re all set!

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Updated on December 23, 2022

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