Group Gifting: Explained

Joy now offers a nifty feature: group gifting. It’s pretty simple.

This means your guests can choose to pitch in for the full item or contribute a part of it. But here’s the catch: Group gifting is available only for gifts that cost more than $350. It’s perfect for those pricier items. Just head to the Joy Shop and start browsing!

Ready to give it a go? First, make sure the gift costs over $350 and set the quantity to 1. If you want to make two vacuums a group gift, add them separately.

Once you have made sure of these two things then after you have added the gift to your Joy registry you can click it on your admin registry under the Gifts tab and then select Edit Gift. 

This will then bring up the following page and you will see the option to Allow Group Gifting which you can select and then enter your payment platform information. 

If someone decides to chip in a portion, the gift becomes a Joy cash fund. The contributions go to your linked payment platform, and you can use them to buy the gift or anything else you fancy.

And you’re all set. Enjoy the group gifting fun!