Your Joy Wedding Site Design Guide

Your wedding website doesn’t have to look like all the other ones out there! Joy offers tons of design options for making your site unique. All these options don’t mean that creating your site is complicated, though. It’s easy to mix and match layouts, graphic styles, fonts, and colors to make your site just how you want it. You can also add cover photos to every page of your Joy wedding site to really make it your own. Here are three easy steps to get you started!


1. Choose a Template

Start by selecting a template for your wedding site. Your template sets up the layout of your site’s content. Select Templates from your wedding dashboard.

dashboard templates

On the next page navigate to change your template from the menu on the right side of the page. The template you choose will reflect the atmosphere you want for your wedding. The Aloha template allows you to showcase your photos with a modern design, for example, while the Brannan template offers a more classic look. Click here for more info on changing your website template.template settings

Background Options

For the Brannan template, you can select a background type. This will determine the graphic style that the pages of your site will have. The Theme, Classic, Modern, Minimal backgrounds give you even more freedom to customize the look of your site. Find more on background options here.

background options

2. Add Your Photos

Of course your fabulous photos will be a big part of what makes your site truly yours. To add photos, first navigate to the Photos section from you wedding dashboard. You’ll be able to upload photos from every major source we could think of such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. You can also upload photos using the Joy mobile app! Find out more here.

add photos

Once you’ve uploaded some photos, you can choose cover photos for all the pages of your wedding site. You can have different cover photos for the different pages of your wedding website. You can also adjust the alignment of your cover photos to get them just right!


3. Select Theme, Colors, and Fonts

Now it’s time to choose a design that looks great with your photos!

First decide if you want your website’s design to include a graphical theme. You can choose a theme by navigating to the Themes section from your wedding dashboard. You can click on different themes and view a preview on the right side of the page. Once you’ve found the right one, don’t forget to click Save up top to set it as the theme for your site!

choose theme

Also don’t forget that you can order Matching Prints for many of our themes! Just click “Prints Preview” on the bottom right of the page to see what they’ll look like.

preview prints

To choose a color scheme for your site and app, just elect Colors from the dashboard to change your color palette. You can create your own color scheme by selecting My Custom Color or choose from the palette duos joy provides.

change color palette

Tip: If you choose the Aloha template with no theme, the main color you choose will be your background for your welcome page.

Your website’s font is also important for getting the look and feel you want. Change your site’s font by navigating to Fonts from your wedding dashboard. You can preview different fonts before clicking Save up top.

font selection

Now you have all the tools you need to design a wedding website that’s truly your own! Happy designing!

Still have some questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner of your wedding site to talk with our Customer Experience Team.