Is It Really OK To Register For Cash For My Baby Registry? How Can We Make It Feel More Personal?

We know that amidst the excitement of your new addition, there’s a flurry of thoughts, including the question – is it okay to ask for cash? We’re here to tell you, without a doubt, YES.

Here are two tips for making it a bit more personal:

  • Pair your cash fund with a mix of Joy registry items. Fill your standard registry with the classics, like onesies, mobiles, and Sophie The Giraffe. Even if it’s just a handful, that’s okay. Then sprinkle in a few cash fund options (think crib fund, babymoon fund, college fund). This way, guests who adore picking out physical gifts still have plenty to choose from. With Joy, it’s a breeze to blend physical presents and cash funds into one fabulous registry.
  • Create pint-sized, personalized cash funds. Guests will be over the moon to contribute to specific funds for your growing family. Instead of just a generic “Cash Fund,” dream up smaller funds like “Diaper Fund” or “Formula Fund.” This way, your guests can chip in for something.

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