I’m Not Located In The US. Can I Still Use Cash Funds For My Baby Registry?

Greetings to expecting parents around the world! The joy of parenthood knows no boundaries, and neither do our cash fund options. Wondering if you can set up a cash fund with Joy, even if you’re not in the US? The answer is a resounding YES! Let’s unravel the details and ensure your global journey into parenthood is financially seamless.


At Joy, we’re all about simplifying the path to parenthood, and our cash fund integration with PayPal is designed to offer convenience and ease. PayPal is like your reliable travel companion, available in over 200 countries and accepting 25 currencies! 🌍 Curious about PayPal’s extensive reach? Discover more about its availability here.

When you and your contributors use the same currency, PayPal transactions come with no additional fees, ensuring seamless exchanges. However, if currency conversion is involved, minor fees may apply. For a complete breakdown of PayPal’s fees and policies, please refer to this link.

Cash App

For our UK-based parents-to-be and those in the US, we present an additional option – Cash App! This versatile solution operates seamlessly in both the US and the UK. Transactions within your region are fee-free, and international transfers are conducted using the mid-market exchange rate, without imposing extra charges. For a closer look at this transatlantic convenience, explore further here.


Venmo joins the lineup, primarily catering to the US parents. Each Venmo transfer requires both sender and recipient to have a US bank account, ensuring smooth transactions within the United States.

Get ready for a simplified journey as you navigate cash fund integration with Joy. Your baby registry is a world of possibilities, and we’re here to ensure it’s a smooth experience! ✨

Please Note: Joy is not affiliated with PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App and we do not have internal specifics on their policies. For further details on international accounts, currency exchange fees and general information, please click here for Paypal, here for Venmo, and here for Cash App.

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