How To Politely Remind Your Friends About Their Baby Gift Reservations

Excitement builds as you anticipate the arrival of your little one, and loved ones share in that joy by generously contributing to your baby registry. At times, well-meaning guests might eagerly mark a gift on your baby registry with all the intentions to purchase, but then life takes its own course, and the purchase slips their minds.

Fear not! You have the ability to gently nudge their memory with a friendly, one-time email reminder. The best part? Joy steps in on your behalf to send this gentle nudge, without revealing your involvement.

Please keep in mind that these friendly email reminders are applicable only for gifts manually added to your baby registry. Regrettably, gifts synced from external retailer registries won’t receive these helpful nudges.

How it works

  • Click on the “Manage” tab from the “My Registry” page.
  • Select a specific gift from the list.
  • To send a reminder to a guest, spot the arrow next to their name and give it a click to reveal more information.
  • Click “Preview and Send Reminder” once you’ve expanded the guest’s information.
  • Click “Send Reminder” within the confirmation dialog that pops up.

Your guest will receive a friendly reminder email like this:

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