Adding External Baby Registries to Joy

Embarking on the journey to parenthood is a thrilling adventure, and sharing your excitement with friends and family is part of the magic. One way they express their excitement is by showering you and your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy with thoughtful gifts. Whether you’ve registered at a favorite retailer near you or online, adding these external registries to your baby registry is a breeze.

You can add any external registry to your Joy event website so your guests can get to all your registries from one place. It is super easy.

  • Click on the “Gifts” tab from the “My Registry” page.
  • On the left side panel, scroll down, and click “Connect Registry”:
  • Add the URL to your registry and click “Connect Registry.”

Viola! You’ve done it and your friends and family will see your registry listed when they visit your page.

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