Overview of Managing Guests with Joy

We are excited to release the first set of our new guest management tools. With this release we wanted to give couples much more control over who they send e-cards and invites to and specifically to provide an easy way to send out save the dates. Another added feature is the ability to send a test email to yourself in addition to previewing the email.

An easy transfer ownership feature has been built in, allowing for you maid of honor, mother, wedding planner or anyone else to set up all the information on your website and then transfer the site to you! It’s also now possible to merge any duplicate guest accounts and delete guests who aren’t attending or the ones you’d rather not attend. One of the top requested features was an ability to add guests into the list who RSVP the old fashioned way, and now that is possible with the added functionality of adding/editing the guest’s information without the need for inviting them to join your Joy wedding. This release brings a lot of needed features for guest management and brings us closer to the complete Joy suite of the guest management toolkit.

How to manually add a new guest

A guest can be manually added by clicking on the Add Guest button at the top. Then type in the guest information. Once you have finished entering their information, add to add them to your list.

How to import your guest list from a spreadsheet

To import a guest list click the blue menu button on the upper left side of your guest list,

Click “Import Guest List” and then choose the file you wish to import. If you are having issues, please view the Invite Guests With a .csv File help document here.

How to export guests information to a spreadsheet

To Export your guest list or a section of your guest list, first select the guest(s) you want to export. Click the Import/Export button and the select “export guest list”. Your file will download to your computer’s download folder.

How to create households/plus ones

To include an entire family or plus ones you will want to navigate to your Guest List from your admin dashboard. Once you’re there, you’ll see the columns at the top. One is labeled +1s. You can click on the zero and choose how many guests or family members you would like to add. You can then fill out the information for the additional guests or leave it for the guests to fill out themselves.

If you want to give your guests the ability to add their own plus ones without restriction, you can click the gear on the left corner of the guest list page and mark that guests can add their own plus ones.

How to send a save the date, invite, or reminder

E-cards are email messages you can customize with your own message. First select the guest or guests you wish to send an E-card to. If you want to send it to everyone, click the checkbox at the top of your guest list to select all. Click the “Send E-Card” button at the top of the page, select which type of e-card you would like to send. You can then edit the subject line and the information you would like to include in the e-card. You can then choose to send a test email (to your own email account), preview the email, or send it by choosing the appropriate button at the bottom of the pop up. View our detailed article on sending e-cards. 

How to delete a guest(s)

Select the guest or guests you wish to delete and the click “Delete Guest” at the bottom of the screen.

How to merge duplicate guests

Select the two guests you wish to merge, you must FIRST select the guest whose information you want to be kept to take priority. Once selected click the merge guest(s) button that appears at the bottom of your screen.

How to make a guest an admin

Click the photo of the guest you want to make an admin to bring up the detailed view for that guest. Click the toggle at the top right corner that says Guest / Admin so that the toggle is on the admin side. Joy will send an email to this guest letting them know they are now an admin to your wedding website. View our detailed post on making someone an admin. 



Still have some questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to talk with our Customer Experience Team.


  1. Elizabeth Tramm


    Can you provide an update on when guests will be able to RSVP without creating an account? We are starting the search for a wedding website and Joy is a top contender, but we would really like that function.

    1. cali

      Hi Elizabeth! The login-less RSVP is deployed to our development environment—that’s a technical way of saying we’re testing it every which way to ensure our couples can use it seamlessly. The goal is to launch to all users the week of November 21.

  2. Isabel G

    Has the functionality been added allowing guests to RSVP without signing up first? YOu mention you expect this to be ready in early November. Thanks

    1. cali

      Hi Isabel. The login-less RSVP is deployed to our development environment—that’s a technical way of saying we’re testing it every which way to ensure our couples can use it seamlessly. The goal is to launch to all users the week of November 21.

  3. Alex Theodorou

    Is there a way to specify if a guest has a plus one or not? We are trying to avoid sending RSVP’s to every single guest but need to specify when a guest has a plus one or not. For example, if we are inviting a couple, we would like to invite to one of the guests, let them know if they have a plus one, and then allow them to RSVP for that person as well.

    Thank you.

    1. cali

      Hi Alex! Currently in order to allow your guests to have +1s (or kids, or whatever) you have two options:

      First, you can include an additional RSVP question that asks if your guests is bringing a plus one and then manually add an additional guests if they respond affirmative. Second, you can send a custom invite for guests who get plus ones that gives specific directions to share the wedding URL and Code so your guest’s plus one can RSVP to your wedding on their own.

      With that said, we are working on a whole new RSVP system that will make Plus Ones much easier. We are aiming on having this available to all Joy users by Summer 2017.