Edit Your Wedding Details

When you first create your wedding website and app, date and locations were required pieces of information as they will show up on your main welcome page. However at Joy we understand that life is unpredictable and that plans change! If this is the case (or if you were so excited to get started that you chose to enter information before finalizing plans) you can change your information with a few simple clicks.  

First, navigate to your dashboard and locate the “Welcome” icon.

You’ll be taken to a summary page with all of your basic wedding information. Here you can change the date, location, URL, hashtag, or even names (though you might want to check with each other before this last one). All changes will be reflected in the right-hand pane to show how it will appear to guests.


Names: We hope that this is self-explanatory, but note that only your first names will appear on the welcome page and in official correspondence from Joy.

Date: When you first create your wedding, a date will be required. You can change this in the future, but make sure your Profile, Schedule of Events, Timezones, and Countdown timer all match!

Location: Please specify the city (and country if applicable) in which the wedding is taking place. This will automatically set the timezones of your schedule and be listed on your welcome screen.

URL: All Joy weddings will have the basic URL of www.withjoy.com/YourWeddingName. You can get creative here!  Using the names Tiffany and Jack, some options include TiffanyPlusJack, TiffanyAndJack, or TAndJ.You can also use other words entirely such as “hitched,” “getready,” or “savethedate.” Once a user has taken a URL, others won’t be able to use it- so see if you can come up with something unique! (Also, if a couple with the names Tiffany and Jack are reading this right now…we’re sorry for stealing your thunder).

Still have some questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to talk with our Customer Experience Team.