Edit Timezones for Your Schedule of Events

Setting your timezone might seem a little specific for an entire tutorial, and for those who are keeping things all in one place, you can stop reading after the next paragraph. But for those of you who decided on a destination wedding (Fiji? The Bahamas? Canada?), stick with us and we’ll show you how to set all of your events to the proper times.

When you first create your wedding, you’ll be asked to specify a location. This will automatically set your countdown timer and the Schedule of Events to the proper timezone. If this is the last time you’ll think of the location, you never have to worry about this feature again. However, if your wedding location changes after you first create your Joy wedding, you will have to change both your Couple Profile and the timezones in your schedule of events to make everything match.

You can learn about editing your couple profile here. To change the timezones in your Schedule of Events, first log in and navigate to the Schedule page from your dashboard.

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the event and scroll to the bottom of the event page to find the “Timezone” option. When changing your timezone, you’ll notice that the options are organized by major cities rather than formal timezone names. So if you’re getting married in Boston, you might pick “United States, New York” to indicate US EST. Alternatively, those getting married in our hometown of Seattle would pick “United States, Los Angeles.”


Unfortunately you will have to change the timezone of each individual event. For those who are just trying to make everything match, we know it’s inconvenient, and we’re sorry. But this feature is great if you’re having pre-wedding events in one location before flying everybody to the actual wedding destination. And if that destination happens to be Fiji, the Joy team wouldn’t mind meeting some of our users in person!

Still have some questions? Click on the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner to talk with our Customer Experience Team.